7 projects that state and local governments can reuse

Melody Kramer at 18F: “We’re starting to see state and local governments adapt or use 18F products or tools. Nothing could make us happier; all of our code (and content) is available for anyone to use and reusable.

There are a number of open source projects that 18F has worked on that could work particularly well at any level of government. We’re highlighting seven below:

Public website analytics

A screen shot of the City of Boulder's analytics dashboard

We worked with the Digital Analytics Program, the U.S. Digital Service (USDS), and the White House to build and host a dashboard showing real-time U.S. federal government web traffic. This helps staff and the public learn about how people use government websites. The dashboard itself is open source and can be adapted for a state or local government. We recently interviewed folks from Philadelphia, Boulder, and the state of Tennessee about how they’ve adapted the analytics dashboard for their own use.

Quick mini-sites for content

A screen shot of an 18F guide on the pages platform

We built a responsive, accessible website template (based on open source work by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) that we use primarily for documentation and guides. You can take the website template, adapt the colors and fonts to reflect your own style template, and have an easy way to release notes about a project. We’ve used this template to write a guide on accessibility in government, content guidelines, and a checklist for what needs to take place before we release software. You’re also welcome to take our content and adapt it for your own needs — what we write is in the public domain.

Insight into how people interact with government

People depend on others (for example, family members, friends, and public library staff) for help with government websites, but government services are not set up to support this type of assistance.

Over the last several months, staff from General Service Administration’s USAGov and 18F teams have been talking to Americans around the country about their interactions with the federal government. The goal of the research was to identify and create cross-agency services and resources to improve how the government interacts with the public. Earlier this month, we published all of our research. You can read the full report with findings or explore what we learned on the 18F blog.

Market research for procurement

We developed a tool that helps you easily conduct market research across a number of categories for acquiring professional labor. You can read about how the city of Boston is using the tool to conduct market research.

Vocabulary for user-centered design

We released a deck of method cards that help research and design teams communicate a shared vocabulary across teams and agencies.

Task management

We recently developed a checklist program that help users manage complex to-do lists. One feature: checklist items deadlines can be set according to a fixed date or relative to completion of other items. This means you can create checklist for all new employees, for example, and say “Task five should be completed four days after task four,” whenever task four is completed by an employee.

Help small businesses find opportunities

FBOpen is a set of open source tools to help small businesses search for opportunities to work with the U.S. government. FBOpen presents an Application Programming Interface (API) to published Federal contracting opportunities, as well as implementing a beautiful graphical user interface to the same opportunities.

Anyone who wishes to may reuse this code to create their own website, free of charge and unencumbered by obligations….(More)”