A model to help tech companies make responsible technology a reality

Sam Brown at DotEveryone: “..adopting a Responsible Technology approach isn’t straightforward. There’s currently no roadmap, or even any common language, about how to embed responsible technology practices in practical and tangible ways.

That’s why Doteveryone has spent the last year researching the issues organisations face and we’re now developing a model that will help organisations do just that.

The 3C model helps to guide organisations on how to assess the level of responsibility of their technology products or services as they develop them.

It’s not an ethical bible which dictates right from wrong, but a framework which gives teams space and parameters to foresee the potential impacts their technologies could have and to consider how to handle them.

Our 3C Model of Responsible Technology considers:

  1. the Context of the wider world a technology product or service exists within
  2. the potential ways technology can have unintended Consequences
  3. the different Contribution people make to a technology — how value is given and received

We are developing a number of assessment tools which product teams can work through to help them examine and evaluate each of these areas in real time during the development cycle. The form of the assessments range from checklists to step-by-step information mapping to team board games….(More)”.