A Survey on Sentiment Analysis

Paper by Siva Parvathi and Yjn Lakshmi: “Sentiment analysis or Opinion mining is one of the quickest developing fields with its call for and potential advantages growing every day. With the onset of the internet and modern technology, there has been a vigorous growth in the quantity of statistics. Each character is capable of specific his/her personal ideas freely on social media. All of this facts may be analyzed and used that allows you to draw benefits and high-quality statistics.

One such idea is sentiment analysis, here, the sentiment of the problem is taken into consideration and important facts is drawn out whether it be a product evaluation or his/her opinion on whatever materialistic. A few of such packages of sentiment evaluation and the method in which they’re carried out are defined. Moreover,the possibility of every of those works to impact any destiny work is considered and explained along with the analysis as to how the previous troubles in the equal area have been overcome….(More)”.