Announcing Project Open Data from Cloudant Labs

Yuriy Dybskiy from Cloudant: “There has been an emerging pattern over the last few years of more and more government datasets becoming available for public access. Earlier this year, the White House announced official policy on such data – Project Open Data.

Available resources

Here are four resources on the topic:

  1. Tim Berners-Lee: Open, Linked Data for a Global Community – [10 min video]
  2. Rufus Pollock: Open Data – How We Got Here and Where We’re Going – [24 min video]
  3. Open Knowledge Foundation Datasets –
  4. Max Ogden: Project dat – collaborative data – [github repo]

One of the main challenges is access to the datasets. If only there were a database that had easy access to its data baked right in it.
Luckily, there is CouchDB and Cloudant, which share the same APIs to access data via HTTP. This makes for a really great option to store interesting datasets.

Cloudant Open Data

Today we are happy to announce a Cloudant Labs project – Cloudant Open Data!
Several datasets are available at the moment, for example, businesses_sf – data regarding businesses registered in San Francisco and sf_pd_incidents – a collection of incident reports (criminal and non-criminal) made by the San Francisco Police Department.
We’ll add more, but if you have one you’d like us to add faster – drop us a line at
Create an account and play with these datasets yourself”