Artificial Intelligence Applications for Social Science Research

Report by Megan Stubbs-Richardson et al: “Our team developed a database of 250 Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications useful for social science research. To be included in our database, the AI tool had to be useful for: 1) literature reviews, summaries, or writing, 2) data collection, analysis, or visualizations, or 3) research dissemination. In the database, we provide a name, description, and links to each of the AI tools that were current at the time of publication on September 29, 2023. Supporting links were provided when an AI tool was found using other databases. To help users evaluate the potential usefulness of each tool, we documented information about costs, log-in requirements, and whether plug-ins or browser extensions are available for each tool. Finally, as we are a team of scientists who are also interested in studying social media data to understand social problems, we also documented when the AI tools were useful for text-based data, such as social media. This database includes 132 AI tools that may have use for literature reviews or writing; 146 tools that may have use for data collection, analyses, or visualizations; and 108 that may be used for dissemination efforts. While 170 of the AI tools within this database can be used for general research purposes, 18 are specific to social media data analyses, and 62 can be applied to both. Our database thus offers some of the recently published tools for exploring the application of AI to social science research…(More)”