Chat bot helps out in emergency situations

Springwise: “New York-based 911bot uses Facebook Messenger to report accidents and help users get advice….Knowing what to do in an emergency situation can mean the difference between life and death. But at the scene of an accident, as nerves takes over, it’s often difficult to remember to act rationally. Because of this, systems that guide panic-stricken individuals through an emergency can save lives. Now developers have stepped in to create a bot that does the job of emergency service call-takers. 911bot is a chat service that helps users notify emergencies to the authorities.

Individuals report accidents through a system integrated with Facebook Messenger. As the report is received, individuals are given the option to send extra information such as images of the accident and the location. The system can automatically call 911 to file a user’s request for help, along with information on their location. It then offers advice on how to handle the situation. To take one example, if a cardiac arrest is reported, 911bot sends over information on how to perform CPR. As one of the founders explains, when an individual suffers a cardiac arrest, acting quickly is essential. When CPR is administered within the first five minutes of an episode, the patient is five times more likely to survive.

We’ve seen a number of tech innovations developed to help in emergencies. two apps help those in a crises locate trained first aiders, and a hand held device can translate conversations between emergency workers and citizens that don’t speak their language….(More)” .