Digital Disruption

Book by Bharat Vagadia: “Implications and opportunities for Economies, Society, Policy Makers and Business Leaders: “This book goes beyond the hype, delving into real world technologies and applications that are driving our future and examines the possible impact these changes will have on industries, economies and society at large. It details the actions governments and regulators must take in order to ensure these changes bring about positive benefits to the public without stifling innovation that may well be the future source of value creation. It examines how organisations in a world of digital ecosystems, where industry boundaries are blurring, must undertake radical digital transformation to survive and thrive in this new digital world. The reader is taken through a framework that critically examines (i) Digital Connectivity including 5G and IoT; (ii) Data Capture and Distribution which includes smart connected verticals; (iii) Data Integrity, Control and Tokenisation that includes cyber security, digital signatures, blockchain, smart contracts, digital assets and cryptocurrencies; (iv) Data Processing and Artificial Intelligence; and (v) Disruptive Applications which include platforms, virtual and augmented reality, drones, autonomous vehicles, digital twins and digital assistants…(More)”.