Encouraging Participation and Cooperation in Contact Tracing

Lessons from Survey Research by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine: “Contact tracing shares important features with the collection of survey data, as well as the taking of the U.S. Census. This rapid expert consultation suggests proven strategies from survey research that decision makers can use to encourage participation in and cooperation with contact tracing efforts along two fronts: encouraging individuals to respond to outreach from health department officials regarding participation in contact tracing and case investigation, and encouraging those who do participate to share information about people whom they may have exposed to COVID-19.

Encouraging Participation and Cooperation in Contact Tracing is intended to help decision makers in local public health departments and local governments increase participation and cooperation in contact tracing related to COVID-19. This publication focuses on contact tracing methods that involve phone, text, or email interviews with people who have tested positive and with others they may have exposed to the virus…(More)”.