About ePolicyWorks: “Launched by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), ePolicyWorks is a Web-based approach to policymaking that engages citizens and stakeholders in new and innovative ways. The initiative leverages the latest technology to address barriers to employment for people with disabilities and fosters real-time collaboration and communication around key issues.

Features: Participants in the ePolicyWorks initiative benefit from a variety of tools and features to help them stay informed, build relationships and partner on important policy developments. These include Web-based dialogues on key issues, interactive Twitter chats and RSS feeds. These online collaborative spaces are where stakeholders can learn and contribute to the conversation about the intersection between employment, disability and specific policy areas.

 Issue Areas: ePolicyWorks’ goal is to break down barriers to employment for people with disabilities. The initiative is focused on the use of technology to support jobseekers in their search and employees in their careers; accessible transportation to get people to and from work; youth and young adult jobseekers; and how stay-at-work/return-to-work policies support employees and businesses….(More)”