Getting Smart on Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Transport Authorities from Emerging Data Sources

Urban Transport Group: “Transformative technological changes are shaping the world and unleashing unprecedented volumes of data. Transport is a key generator of emerging data and also stands to be a significant beneficiary of new products, services, insights and ways of working that accompany this. Emerging data will mean transport users will become far more fully informed about their travel choices whilst at the same time transform the ability of transport authorities to plan and manage transport networks and services more efficiently and effectively.The purpose of this report is to outline key challenges and opportunities from the perspective of city region transport authorities, and to articulate a case for action.

Why are we doing this? Emerging data is a rapidly changing area. It is clear from the actions of some early movers that value can be created by using this data (see case studies throughout the report). However, at present, the transport community does not fully understand the challenges and opportunities that emerging data present. Therefore, this report seeks to identify some of these unknowns and communicate the case for action in this area to our member organisations and beyond….(More)”.