New group aims to professionalize AI auditing

Article by Louise Matsakis: “The newly formed International Association of Algorithmic Auditors (IAAA) is hoping to professionalize the sector by creating a code of conduct for AI auditors, training curriculums, and eventually, a certification program.

Over the last few years, lawmakers and researchers have repeatedly proposed the same solution for regulating artificial intelligence: require independent audits. But the industry remains a wild west; there are only a handful of reputable AI auditing firms and no established guardrails for how they should conduct their work.

Yet several jurisdictions have passed laws mandating tech firms to commission independent audits, including New York City. The idea is that AI firms should have to demonstrate their algorithms work as advertised, the same way companies need to prove they haven’t fudged their finances.

Since ChatGPT was released last year, a troubling norm has been established in the AI industry, which is that it’s perfectly acceptable to evaluate your own models in-house.

Leading startups like OpenAI and Anthropic regularly publish research about the AI systems they’re developing, including the potential risks. But they rarely commission independent audits, let alone publish the results, making it difficult for anyone to know what’s really happening under the hood…(More)”..(More)”