Data Quality Tester

: “Publish What You Fund has launched a new online tool that allows aid and development finance publishers to independently check the quality of their data before they publish it to IATI. The aim of the Data Quality Tester – currently in Beta – is to indicate when information falls short of the specific data quality tests used to assess donors in the Aid Transparency Index. We expect it to be most useful for donors who are included in the Index to monitor their own progress both during and outside of the Index cycle.

Who is the Data Quality Tester for?

The Data Quality Tester is also suitable for organisations who want to start publishing in the IATI Standard and for those that do not qualify for inclusion in the Index, or that used to be assessed but are not currently. The open source online tool is useful because:

  • Both the IATI Standard and the Index tests can at times be complex and the tool allows a quick check against them, so donor agency staff can understand any issues
  • It allows publishers to internally and independently check the quality of their information before uploading to the IATI Registry, saving time and making sure that when data is uploaded, it is as good as it can be
  • It provides publishers with an opportunity to assess their data against the updated Index methodology and recognise where they need to improve

The tool is now live and available to use at:…..(More)”