New study proves economic benefits of open data for Berlin

ePSI Platform: “The study “Digitales Gold: Nutzen und Wertschöpfung durch Open Data für Berlin” – or “Digital Gold: the open data benefits and its added value for Berlin” in english – released by TSB Technologiestiftung Berlin estimates that Open Data will bring around 32 million euros per year of economic benefit to the city of Berlin for the next few years. …

The estimations made for Berlin are inspired by previous reasoning included in two other studies: Pollock R. (2011), Welfare Gains from opening up public sector information in the UK; and Fuchs, S. et al. (2013), Open Government Data – Offene Daten für Österreich. Mit  Community-Strategien von heute zum Potential von morgen.
Upon presenting the study  data journalist Michael Hörz shows various examples of how to develop interesting new information and services with publicly available information. You can read more about it (in German) here.”