Patients are Pooling Data to Make Diabetes Research More Representative

Blog by Tracy Kariuki: “Saira Khan-Gallo knows how overwhelming managing and living healthily with diabetes can be. As a person living with type 1 diabetes for over two decades, she understands how tracking glucose levels, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, insulin intake, and, and, and…could all feel like drowning in an infinite pool of numbers.

But that doesn’t need to be the case. This is why Tidepool, a non-profit tech organization composed of caregivers and other people living with diabetes such as Gallo, is transforming diabetes data management. Its data visualization platform enables users to make sense of the data and derive insights into their health status….

Through its Big Data Donation Project, Tidepool has been supporting the advancement of diabetes research by sharing anonymized data from people living with diabetes with researchers.

To date, more than 40,000 individuals have chosen to donate data uploaded from their diabetes devices like blood glucose meters, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors, which is then shared by Tidepool with students, academics, researchers, and industry partners — Making the database larger than many clinical trials. For instance, Oregon Health and Science University have used datasets collected from Tidepool to build an algorithm that predicts hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar, with the goal of advancing closed loop therapy for diabetes management…(More)”.