Since the launch of Data Collaboratives the website attracted more than 35,000 unique page views mostly from the US and the UK. The content accessed the most is the Data Collaboratives Explorer which is a tool to explore open data repositories worldwide.

The site has been highly frequented in the initial launch of the website and reached a peak at the end of September 2017. The reason for that peak was the launch of the Social Media report which gives an overview of the potential of social media intelligence to improve people’s lives.

UNICEF and Govlab’s initiative to solve complex problems affecting the world’s children using data is the initiative with the most unique page views on Data Collaboratives.  

Data Collaboratives was picked up on Twitter from networks such as Social Innovation or My Society  and gained wide recognition with a tweet announcing the article on apoliticalco’s website about gender and mobility in mega cities such as Santiago, Chile.   

Data Collaboratives traffic sources come mostly directly and to a third from Google.