Public Impact Fundamentals

The Centre for Public Impact: “… we believe that the touchstone for any government should be the results it achieves for its citizens: its public impact. To help power the journey from idea to impact, we have developed the Public Impact Fundamentals, a systematic attempt to understand what makes a successful policy outcome and describe what can be done to maximise the chances of achieving public impact.

We have worked closely with the most senior academics from the world’s leading public policy schools, as well as senior government officials from across the globe. We have sought to develop a framework underpinned by cutting-edge thinking from academia and tested by government officials so that it can be immediately usable.

We have found that three things are fundamental to improved public impact: Legitimacy, Policy and Action. Legitimacy – the underlying support for a policy and the attempts to achieve it; Policy – the design quality of policies intended to achieve impact; and Action – translation of policies into real-world effect. Within each Fundamental are three elements, which collectively contribute to performance and lead to improved public impact.

We did not develop the Fundamentals with the view to it being a universal and prescriptive list – instead we are interested to see whether they are consistent with the day-to-day activities of practitioners. We anticipate that once they are deployed in real world scenarios, new and interesting uses will develop. Practitioners might find the Public Impact Fundamentals useful for self-assessments, forward planning or progress tracking. We look forward to working with policymakers to refine the uses of the Public Impact Fundamentals. (Full Report)”