Roles, Trust, and Reputation in Social Media Knowledge Markets

New book edited by Bertino, Elisa, and Matei Sorin Adam: This title discusses the emerging trends in defining, measuring, and operationalizing reputation as a new and essential component of the knowledge that is generated and consumed online. The book also proposes a future research agenda related to these issues—with the ultimate goal of shaping the next generation of theoretical and analytic strategies needed for understanding how knowledge markets are influenced by social interactions and reputations built around functional roles.
Roles, Trust, and Reputation in Social Media Knowledge Markets exposes issues that have not been satisfactorily dealt with in the current literature. In a broader sense, the volume aims to change the way in which knowledge generation in social media spaces is understood and utilized. The tools, theories, and methodologies proposed here offer concrete avenues for developing the next generation of research strategies and applications that will help: tomorrow’s information consumers make smarter choices, developers to create new tools, and researchers to launch new research programs….

  • Proposes new methods for understanding how opinion leaders and influential authors emerge on social media knowledge markets
  • Advances new approaches to theory-based understanding of how social media reputations emerge and shape content and public opinion
  • Highlights the most important understudied or promising areas of research regarding reputation and authorship on social media
  • Reviews existing accomplishments in the field of reputation research on social media knowledge markets
  • Features a multidisciplinary team of authors, covering several disciplines
  • Includes both senior, established authors and emerging, innovative voices”