Singapore encourages use of private sector datasets

Charlene Chin at Future Gov:  “Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority launched a data-sharing challenge to encourage the use of private sector datasets.

The Data Discovery Challenge, launched last week, aims to promote the combination of private and public datasets to develop products and services that can benefit businesses and the public.
The challenge will use Singapore’s new platform, the Federated Dataset Registry (FDSR), to share public and private sector datasets. According to IDA, many private datasets are residing in siloed servers, or can only be made available through cumbersome processes such as the use of CD-ROMs. The FDSR will enable users to use these private datasets that were previously unconnected.
“Currently, there is no coherent mechanism for users to easily discover private sector datasets made available from data providers across various [industries]”, IDA said.
The Data Discovery Challenge is open from the 11 December to 25 January next year. Participants will have to use datasets from the FDSR and integrate it with any public and private datasets to develop data visualisation tools, mobile or web applications….”