Social, Mobile, and Emerging Media around the World

Book edited by Alexander V. Laskin: “…edited collection of cutting edge research on the practical applications of diverse types of emerging media technologies in a variety of industries and in many different regions of the world. In recent years, emergent social media have initiated a revolution comparable in impact to the industrial revolution or the invention of the Internet. Today, social media’s usage statistics are mind-boggling: almost two billion people are Facebook users, over one billion people communicate via What’sApp, over forty billion pictures are posted on Instagram, and over one million snaps are sent on Snapchat daily. This edited collection analyzes the influence of emerging media technologies on governments, global organizations, non-profits, corporations, museums, restaurants, first responders, sports, medicine, television, and free speech. It studies such new media phenomena as brandjacking, crowd-funding, crowd-mapping, augmented reality, mHealth, and transmedia, focusing specifically on new media platforms like Facebook and Facebook Live, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Yelp, and other mobile apps….(More)”.