The Generic Collective Intelligence Framework: A Qualitative View

Paper by Shweta Suray, Vishwajeet Pattanaik and Dirk Draheim: “Web-based crowd-oriented systems can be seen everywhere today. Some popular examples of such platforms include Reddit, MyGov, Wikipedia and GalaxyZoo. The main aim of such platforms is to harness individuals’ collective intelligence (CI) to offer several benefits to society — from solving complex problems to developing innovative solutions. Also, CI platforms are developing at an impressive pace, and each platform has unique features to gather, motivate and engage the crowd to achieve the platform’s goal. However, the design and development of CI systems is an expensive and time-consuming task. Thus, it is difficult for civic and government organizations to develop such platforms. Moreover, many CI platforms do not sustain for a longer period due to a lack of scientific knowledge about the several components that are required to build CI platforms. To fulfil this research gap, we developed a conceptual generic framework for CI systems that can be used to understand and examine CI systems regardless of their domains. Additionally, our CI generic framework allows stakeholders to combine several components in order to perform requirement elicitation for new platforms, thus enabling them to develop their own platforms in an efficient and effective manner. In order to evaluate the completeness and genericness and to find out the limitations of the CI generic model, we have conducted qualitative interviews with a series of CI experts. This article aims to present the findings of these expert interviews and suggest future directions for CI research to improve the generic CI model and to explore the CI from different perspectives…(More)”