The Persistence of Innovation in Government

New Book: “In The Persistence of Innovation in Government, Sanford Borins maps the changing landscape of American public sector innovation in the twenty-first century, largely addressing three key questions:

  • Who innovates?
  • When, why, and how do they do it?
  • What are the persistent obstacles and the proven methods for overcoming them?

Probing both the process and the content of innovation in the public sector, Borins identifies major shifts and important continuities. His examination of public innovation combines several elements: his analysis of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Innovations in American Government Awards program; significant new research on government performance; and a fresh look at the findings of his earlier, highly praised book Innovating with Integrity: How Local Heros Are Transforming American Government. Ho also offers a thematic survey of the field’s burgeoning literature, with a particular focus on international comparison.”