The Trust Imperative: A Framework for Ethical Data Use

New report by Susan Etlinger: “The way organizations use data use is affecting consumer trust, and that trust affects not just a brand’s reputation, but its business performance as well. As a result, chief executives who wish to sustain the trust of their customers and constituents must take a hard look at how their organizations collect and use customer data, and the effect of those practices on customer relationships, reputation, risk and revenue.

This report by Altimeter Group analyst Susan Etlinger lays out key drivers and principles for ethical data use. It discusses emerging best practices, and—most  importantly—a pragmatic framework that organizations can use to earn—and build—the trust of customers and consumers. This framework lists the questions that need to be asked at each stage of collecting and analyzing data, helping brands earn the trust of their customers, and safeguarding against both legal and ethical transgressions….(More)”