This is the #CitizenShift

The New Citizenship Project (UK): “… it’s become increasingly apparent that the shift from Consumer to Citizen isn’t just something that ought to happen, but something that is ALREADY happening, across the world and in all aspects of society.

It’s also become clear that the story we’re working with is one that many people in many organisations find exciting and empowering.  Thinking of people as Citizens rather than as Consumers is a powerful platform for ideas and initiatives that can genuinely make a difference in the world.

That’s why we’ve decided now is the time to share this story, bringing all our research and emerging practice together in one report… The report is called The Citizen Shift: A guide to understanding and embracing the emerging era of the Citizen.  It looks back over the 20th and early 21stcentury, exploring the shifting idea of the role of the individual in society across the period from Subject to Consumer, and now to Citizen.  Drawing on ideas from academic disciplines including behavioural economics, evolutionary biology, and philosophy, and on examples of practice across government, business and civil society, the report makes a compelling case that a moment of rare opportunity is upon us: we all have agency in making the most of the dynamics that make the shift from Consumer to Citizen not just a possibility, but the emerging reality….(More)”