Xeroc PARC Tackles Online Dating’s Biggest Conundrum

CertifeyeThe Physics arXiv Blog: “Online dating has changed the way people start relationships. In 2000, a few hundred thousand individuals were experimenting with online dating. Today, more than 40 million people have signed up to meet their dream man or woman online. That kind of success is reflected in the fact that this industry is currently worth some $1.9 billion in annual revenue.
Of course, nobody would claim that online dating is the perfect way to meet a mate. One problem in particular is whether to trust the information that a potential date has given. How do you know that this person isn’t being economical with the truth?…
The new approach is simple. The idea these guys have come up with is to use an app that connects to a person’s Facebook page (or other social network page) and then compare the information there with the information on the dating profile. If the data is the same, then it is certified. The beauty of this system is that the Facebook details are not open to external scrutiny—the app does not take, make public or display any information from the social network. It simply compares the information from the two sites.
Any discrepancy indicates that something, somewhere is wrong and the ambiguous details are not then certified….this process of certification gives users a greater sense of security because Facebook data is largely peer reviewed already.
Ref: arxiv.org/abs/1303.4155: Bootstrapping Trust in Online Dating: Social Verification of Online Dating Profiles”