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Guidebook by the Open Data Institute: "Standards for data are often seen as a technical topic that is only relevant to developers and other technologists. Using this guidebook we hope to highlight that standards are an important tool that are worthy of wider attention. Standards have an importan...

World Bank Policy Research Working Paper by Aaditya Mattoo and Joshua P Meltzer: "The free flow of data across borders underpins today's globalized economy. But the flow of personal dataoutside the jurisdiction of national regulators also raises concerns about the protection of privacy. Address...

Special issue of Internet Policy Review edited by William Dutton: " the first to bring together the best policy-oriented papers presented at the annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR). This issue is anchored in the 2017 conference in Tartu, Estonia, which was organi...

Susan Hennessey at Brookings: "...delighted to announce the launch of Sourcelist, a database of experts in technology policy from diverse backgrounds. Here at Brookings, we built Sourcelist on the principle that technology policymaking stands to benefit from the inclusion of the voices of a broade...

Book by Thomas W. Malone: "If you’re like most people, you probably believe that humans are the most intelligent animals on our planet. But there’s another kind of entity that can be far smarter: groups of people. In this groundbreaking book, Thomas Malone, the founding director of the MIT Cente...

David W.Bates et al at Health Policy and Technology: "The term “big data” has gotten increasing popular attention, and there is growing focus on how such data can be used to measure and improve health and healthcare. Analytic techniques for extracting information from these data have grown vas...

Dieter Zinnbauer at OGP: "Many activities related to opening government have a demonstrated, empirical potential to create business value, foster broader economic opportunities, and promote a business climate for growth and dynamism. What’s more, opening government plays a highly relevant, if n...

Randall Minas in Healthcare Informatics: "...Healthcare is yet another area where blockchain can make a substantial impact. Blockchain technology could be used to enable the WHO and CDC to better monitor disease outbreaks over time by creating distributed “ledgers” that are both secure and updat...

The GovLab at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is pleased to announce the launch of its Data Stewards website -- a new portal for connecting organizations across sectors that seek to promote responsible data leadership that can address the challenges of the 21st century -- developed with gen...

Paper by Noveck, Beth Simone; Koga, Kaitlin; Aceves Garcia, Rafael; Deleanu, Hannah; Cantú-Pedraza, Dinorah: "Corruption presents a fundamental threat to the stability and prosperity of Mexico and combating it demands approaches that are both principled and practical. In 2017, the Inter-American De...

Blog by Anna Lauren Hoffmann: "...In 2015, a black developer in New York discovered that Google’s algorithmic photo recognition software had tagged pictures of him and his friends as gorillas. The same year, Facebook auto-suspended Native Americans for using their real names, and in 2016, faci...

Richard Thaler at ChicagoBoothReview: "...Behavioral economics has come a long way from my initial set of stories. Behavioral economists of the current generation are using all the modern tools of economics, from theory to big data to structural models to neuroscience, and they are applying those to...

"The GovLab at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is pleased to announce the launch of its Data Stewards website — a new portal for connecting organizations across sectors that seek to promote responsible data leadership that can address the challenges of the 21st century — developed...

Henry Kissinger in the Atlantic: "...Heretofore, the technological advance that most altered the course of modern history was the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, which allowed the search for empirical knowledge to supplant liturgical doctrine, and the Age of Reason to gradually...

Paper by Martin Mueller and Marcel Salath: "In the past decade, tracking health trends using social media data has shown great promise, due to a powerful combination of massive adoption of social media around the world, and increasingly potent hardware and software that enables us to work with these...

Paper by Alejandro Noriega-Campero , Abdullah Almaatouq, Peter Krafft, Abdulrahman Alotaibi, Mehdi Moussaid and Alex Pentland: "Social networks continuously change as people create new ties and break existing ones. It is widely noted that our social embedding exerts strong influence on what informat...

Paper by Emma Ruijer in the International Review of Administrative Sciences: "During recent years, the amount of data released on platforms by public administrations around the world have exploded. Open government data platforms are aimed at enhancing transparency and participation. Even though the...

Paper by Jeremy de Beer and Vipal Jain in Technology Innovation Management Review: "The biohacking movement is changing who can innovate in biotechnology. Driven by principles of inclusivity and open science, the biohacking movement encourages sharing and transparency of data, ideas, and resource...

Introduction by Niall Atkinson, Ann Lui, and Mimi Zeiger to a Special Exhibit and dedicated set of Essays: "We begin by defining citizenship as a cluster of rights, responsibilities, and attachments, and by positing their link to the built environment. Of course architectural examples of this affil...

Article by Vyacheslav Polonski: "Unless you live under a rock, you probably have been inundated with recent news on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). With all the recent breakthroughs, it almost seems like AI can already predict the future. Police forces are using it to map when and...