25 Tech Ideas for Improving Your Community

GovTech: “Ideation Nation, a technology brainstorming competition for civic solutions, announces its 25 top ideas for government technology projects…”

Top 25 Ideas

4.    Volunteer exchange
5.    Zoning iPhone app
6.    Gift card remainder charity website
7.    Electricity monitoring device rentals
8.    Integrated discovery website for camping, hiking, outdoor recreation
9.    Use the Internet to create a more direct democracy at all levels
10.  Lodge a complaint, get connected on civic issues
11.  Creativity Crowd
12.  Gaming volunteerism and rewarding impact creation
13.  Location-based app for public recycling
14.  Creating an online community map of underutilized spaces
15.  Install on-demand street lighting
16.  Create a bike share app like AirBnB
17.  Renaissance CSA
18.  Create a resource center to share collaborative projects
19.  A citizen’s board of developers
20.  My place: Our World, a civic engagement app
21.  App for food transfer
22.  Create a social networking platform for volunteers and NPOs
23.  Communitywide sharing application
24.  Common permit application
25.  Bike-pool app