Dumpster diving made easier with food donation points

Springwise: “With food waste a substantial contributor to both environmental and social problems, communities around the world are trying to find ways to make better use of leftovers as well as reduce the overall production of unused foodstuffs. One of the biggest challenges in getting leftovers to the people who need them is the logistics of finding and connecting the relevant groups and transporting the food. Several on-demand apps, like this one that matches homeless shelters with companies that have leftover food, are taking the guesswork out of what to do with available food. And retailers are getting smarter, like this one in the United States, now selling produce that would previously have been rejected for aesthetic reasons only.

In Brazil, the Makers Society collective designed a campaign called Prato de Rua (Street Dish) to help link people in possession of edible leftovers with community members in need. The campaign centers around a sticker that is affixed to the side of city dumpsters requesting that donated food be left at the specific points. By providing a more organized approach to getting rid of leftover food, the collective hopes to help people think more carefully about what they are getting rid of and why. At the same time, the initiative helps people who would otherwise be forced to go through the contents of a dumpster for edible remains, access good food more safely and swiftly.

The campaign sticker is available for download for communities globally to take on and adapt the idea….(More)”