Global sharing of HIV vaccine research

Springwise: “Noticing that a global, collaborative effort is missing in the world of HIV vaccine research, scientists came together to make it a reality. Populated by research from the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery — an international network of laboratories — DataSpace is a partnership between the Statistical Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Prevention, data management and software development company LabKey, and technology product development company Artefact.

Through pooled research results, scientists hope to make data more accessible and comparable. Two aspects make the platform particularly powerful. The Artefact team hand-coded a number of research points to allow results from multiple studies to be compared like-for-like. And rather than discard the findings of failed or inconclusive studies, DataSpace includes them in analysis, vastly increasing the volume of available information.

Material is added as study results become available, creating a constantly developing resource. Being able to quickly test ideas online helps researchers make serendipitous connections and avoid duplicating efforts….(More)”