Infographic: Preparing for Constituent 2020

Pat Fiorenza in the GovLoop: “The way we engage with government is quickly changing. We use modern and emerging technology in nearly every aspect of our lives, and we expect these services to be available from our government. Our latest infographic helps you define your agency’s IT roadmap to help you prepare for constituent 2020.

Having an effective IT plan is your first step to meet the complex demands of your agency. Our latest infographic shares with you a checklist to get you started in creating your agency’s IT roadmap, preparing you for the 2020 constituent. The infographic includes ten questions challenging you to think about your IT strategy, some of these questions include:

  1. What is the problem we are trying to solve? What is our IT roadmap for future adoption?

  2. Have we gained support by core stakeholders and users?

  3. How have we engaged with each business unit? Are we aware of the needs of each unit?

  4. Is this system operable with existing technology? What kind of existing technology may I be able to leverage with the investment?

  5. Have we identified the key metrics we must track?