Join Campaigns, Shop Ethically, Hit the Man Where It Hurts—All Within an App

PSFK: “Buycott is an app that wants to make shopping ethically a little easier. Join campaigns to support causes you care about, scan barcodes on products you’re considering to view company practices, and voice your concerns directly through the free app, available for iOS and Android.


Ethical campaigns are crowdsourced, and range from environmental to political and social concerns. Current campaigns include a demand for GMO labeling, supporting fair trade, ending animal testing, and more. You can read a description of the issue in question and see a list of companies to avoid and support under each campaign.

Scan barcodes of potential purchases to see if it the parent companies behind them hold up to your ethical standards. If the company doesn’t stand up, the app will suggest more ethically aligned alternatives.


According to Ivan Pardo, founder and CEO of Buycott, the app is designed to help consumers make informed shopping decisions “they can feel good about.”

“As consumers become increasingly conscientious about the impact of their purchases and shop to reflect these principles, Buycott provides users with transparency into the business practices of the companies marketing to them.”

Users can contact problematic companies through the app, using email, Facebook or Twitter. The app traces each product all the way back to its umbrella or parent company (which means the same few corporate giants are likely to show up on a few do-not buy lists)….(More)