Kids learn about anti-discrimination via online soccer game

Springwise: “As Euro 2016 captures the attention of soccer fanatics around the world, a new app is tapping into the popularity of the event, and using it bring about positive education. EduKicks is a new game for kids that teaches anti-discrimination through gaming and soccer.


Launched earlier this week, the multiplayer game focuses on personal, social, and health education for children aged between 9-13. After downloading the app on their smartphone or tablet, users take turns spinning a wheel, and face either a movement card or an education card. The movement cards asks players to complete a soccer-related activity, such as tick-tocking with the insides of their feet. Education cards require them to answer a question. For example, the app might ask “How many women working in the football industry have experienced sexism?” and users choose between 22 percent, 66 percent, or 51 percent. Topics cover racism, religious discrimination, sexism, homophobia, disability, and more. The aim is to use the momentum and popularity of football to make learning more engaging and enjoyable….(More)”