Peer Academy

About: “Peer Academy inspires change through peer-to-peer learning. Our goal is simple, to bring together innovators and collaborators across Corporate, Government and Not For Profits who are passionate about accelerating change in their organisations. Focussed on the skills needed for the 21st century, Peer Academy provides a platform for professionals to increase their capabilities through sharing skills, tools and knowledge…

As we enter into the collaborative economy, people will demand collaborative and flexible ways of learning. As people change jobs more frequently, the need for new skills will change in variety and pace.
Currently, many education delivery models are not keeping up with the pace of job or career changes. Internal options are often compliance-based and lack inspiration for 21st century skills. External options can be expensive or time consuming, making it a difficult pitch where budgets and resources for many organisations are getting tighter. Finally, many of us want to move beyond the expert vs student paradigm and would rather learn from peers who have gone down the tricky path we are venturing on.
We need a new education paradigm for professional development. One where learning happens on-demand, is low-cost, practical and peer-led. This is where Peer Academy comes in…”