ODIMPACT launched in January 2016 and attracted more than 66,000 unique page views mostly from the US and the UK. The content accessed the most next to the homepage are the Key Findings of the data impact case studies. 

A key initiative in the ODIMPACT was the launch of the study “Open data in developing economies” which led to a peak of users interacting with the website. The premise of the report is that governments are acting on the belief that systematically making data more accessible can provide an important new asset to usher in positive social and economic transformation. 

The ODIMPACT initiative is promoted on Twitter by influencers such as the open government advocate Alex Howard‏ or the Worldbank and gained wider recognition by the Aporta Initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and The Digital Agenda in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and Civil Service.

Half of ODIMPACT traffic stems from Google half direct.