Project leverages Instagram to clean up abandoned bikes on NY streets

Springwise: “We’ve already seen Canada’s Trashswag help document the useable goods that are left on the sidewalk. Now the Dead Pedal NY project is getting residents to document the city’s abandoned bikes via Instagram so authorities can do something about it.
Whether it’s because their bike has become damaged while parked or because it’s simply been abandoned, bike racks are plagued by broken frames that remain locked. This means less space for active cyclists to park their own bike. Created by art director Pat Gamble, Dead Pedal NY encourages those annoyed by the problem to take a photo and upload it with a geolocation tag onto Instagram, using the hashtag #deadpedalNY. Participants can identify abandoned bikes if they’re missing important parts, have a crushed or bent frame or if they’re mostly rusted. The collected images and locations then provides a resource for local authorities to remove the bikes and make them aware of how big the problem is.
The initiative helps those having trouble finding a free bike rack to vent their frustration in a positive way, and encourages local authorities to do more to make cycling a positive experience for city dwellers. Are there other ways Instagram can be leveraged to get citizens to report on issues in their neighborhood?