Public Sector Data Management Project

Australian government: “Earlier in 2015, Michael Thawley, Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C), commissioned an in-house study into how public sector data can be better used to achieve efficiencies for government, enable better service delivery and properly be used by the private sector to stimulate economic activity…..

There are four commonly used classifications of data: personal data, research data, open data and security data. Each type of data is used for different purposes and requires a different set of considerations, as the graphic below illustrates. The project focused on how the Australian Public Service manages its research data and open data, while ensuring personal data was kept appropriately secured. Security data was beyond the scope of this project.

4 different types of data and their different purposes

The project found that there are pockets of excellence across the Australian Public Service, with some agencies actively working on projects that focus on a richer analysis of linked data. However, this approach is fragmented and is subject to a number of barriers, both perceived and real. These include cultural and legislative barriers, and a data analytics skills and capability shortage across the Australian Public Service.

To overcome these barriers, the project established a roadmap to make better use of public data, comprising an initial period to build confidence and momentum across the APS, and a longer term set of initiatives to systematise the use, publishing and sharing of public data.

The report is available from the link below: Public Sector Data Management Project