Swipe Right to Become an Organ Donor

PSFK: ” Tinder is an app known for its match-making services, or at least, letting people find a good match for them. Its popularity and success lies on its easy user-interface and the amount of Tinder profile choices available, which is why the United Kingdom’s National Health Service knew that partnering with Tinder was a great idea to encourage people to sign up as organ donors.

The NHS wants to encourage Tinder users to sign up at the NHS Organ Donor Registry. Given the increasing number of patients that needs organ donors and the increasing number of deaths due to the waiting for donors, the NHS hopes that using Tinder as a platform can prove to be helpful in also increasing the number of organ donors in the country.

The NHS started by setting up bespoke profiles for their three main celebrity supporters, Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea, Jade Jones (Olympic Gold Medalist) and Gemma Oaten of Emmerdale. Each of the profile has ‘The Wait’ logo on top, signifying that they support organ donation. So if the user swipes right on one of these profiles, that means the user supports the organ donation campaign and will be given the link to where he or she can sign up…..

Tinder’s most active users range from 18-to-35 year olds and this is exactly the demographic that the NHS is looking for when it comes to organ donors. Moreover, this partnership doesn’t just want people to support organ donation, but they actually want people to take the most necessary step, which is signing up as an organ donor. And as Johnson said, “Joining the register takes only a couple of minutes— about the same amount of time as a few swipes on Tinder.” See NHS Organ Donation/Tinder