Tag monitors air pollution and never loses charge

Springwise: “The battle to clean up the air of major cities is well underway, with businesses and politicians pledging to help with the pollution issue. We have seen projects using mobile air sensors mounted on pigeons to bring the problem to public attention, and now a new crowdsourcing campaign is attempting to map the UK’s air pollution.

CleanSpace uses a portable, air pollution-sensing tag to track exposure to harmful pollutants in real-time. The tag is connected to an app, which analyzes and combines the data to that of other users in the UK to create an air pollution map.

An interesting part of the CleanSpace Tag’s technology is the fact it never needs to be charged. The startup say the tag is powered by harvesting 2G, 3G, 4G and wifi signals, which keep its small power requirements filled. The app also rewards users for traveling on-foot or by bike, offering them “CleanMiles” that can be exchanged for discounts with the CleanSpace’s partners.

The startup successfully raised more than GBP 100,000 in a crowdfunding campaign last year, and the team has given back GBP 10,000 to their charitable partners this year. …(More)”