The use of AI for improving energy security

Rand Report: “Electricity systems around the world are under pressure due to aging infrastructure, rising demand for electricity and the need to decarbonise energy supplies at pace. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications have potential to help address these pressures and increase overall energy security. For example, AI applications can reduce peak demand through demand response, improve the efficiency of wind farms and facilitate the integration of large numbers of electric vehicles into the power grid. However, the widespread deployment of AI applications could also come with heightened cybersecurity risks, the risk of unexplained or unexpected actions, or supplier dependency and vendor lock-in. The speed at which AI is developing means many of these opportunities and risks are not yet well understood.

The aim of this study was to provide insight into the state of AI applications for the power grid and the associated risks and opportunities. Researchers conducted a focused scan of the scientific literature to find examples of relevant AI applications in the United States, the European Union, China and the United Kingdom…(More)”.