The Values of Public Library in Promoting an Open Government Environment

Djoko Sigit Sayogo et al in the Proceedings of the 17th International Digital Government Research Conference on Digital Government Research: “Public participation has been less than ideal in many government-implemented ICT initiatives. Extant studies highlight the importance of public libraries as an intermediary between citizens and government. This study evaluates the role of public libraries as mediating the relationship between citizens and government in support of an open government environment. Using data from a national survey of “Library and Technology Use” conducted by PEW Internet in 2015, we test whether a citizen’s perception of public values provided by public libraries influence the likelihood of the citizen’s engagement within open-government environment contexts. The results signify a significant relationship between certain public values provided by public libraries with the propensity of citizens engaging government in an online environment. Our findings further indicate that varying public values generate different results in regard to the way citizens are stimulated to use public libraries to engage with government online. These findings imply that programs designed and developed to take into account a variety of values are more likely to effectively induce citizen engagement in an open government environment through the mediation of public libraries….(More)”