Wikipedia Is A Giant Unfathomable Universe—Now You Can Explore It Like One

Conceptually, Wikiverse isn’t that hard to grasp. Every star in the Wikiverse is first grouped into constellations, representing the articles it is most closely linked to: for example, in the Wikiverse, you might have a constellation of German romantic poets, or a constellation of transgender athletes. From there, these constellations get pulled together into nebula, which represent sub-categories, which in turn get gravitationally drawn towards one another, to form galaxy categories like philosophy, religion, politics, and more. No matter where you are in the Wikiverse, though, you can always zoom way in to click on a star and read it’s associated Wiki entry….Now consider the fact that the Wikiverse is only 1/400,000th the size of the realUniverse, and put into perspective exactly how insignificant the “universe” of human knowledge really is.

Play with the Wikiverse for yourself here.”