A framework for measuring smart cities

Paper by Félix Herrera Priano and Cristina Fajardo Guerra for the Proceedings of the 15th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research: “Smart cities are an international phenomenon. Many cities are actively working to build or transform their models toward that of a Smart City. There is constant research and reports devoted to measuring the intelligence of cities through establishing specific methodologies and indicators (grouped by various criteria).
We believe the subject lacks a certain uniformity, which we aim to redress in this paper by suggesting a framework for properly measuring the smart level of a city.
Cities are complex and heterogeneous structures, which complicates comparisons between them. To address this we propose an N–dimensional measurement framework where each level or dimension supplies information of interest that is evaluated independently. As a result, the measure of a city’s intelligence is the result of the evaluations obtained for each of these levels.
To this end, we have typified the transformation (city to smart city) and the measurement (smart city ranking) processes.”