A new generation of Openaid.se

Openaid.se: “We are happy to launch the new version of the Swedish aid transparency tracker Openaid.se. This tracker brings a lot of new features – both visible and in the backend system. We have focused more on the professional user and making the site a quick but powerful tool to find the data you need.
The top navigation is structured like a sentence which filters the data. It states from who, to whom, via which organisation, for what purpose, and in which year – giving you the basic tools needed to filter the data, which then can be grouped and sorted below. You can also make a comparison with another such sentence by adding comparative data.
The new Openaid.se presents either a graph that shows data over time or a map that gives a quick geographical overview. Depending on your choice of recipient (the “to whom”) and/or organisation you will also be presented with overview data on the recipient/organisation in the right column.
You can always choose to view a full list of all the activities, that can range from one to several thousands, depending on your filtering choices. You can also, at any time, choose to download a csv-file containing all the activities.
More information, including a smaller graph, is shown when you dig into the details by clicking on an activity. You can also choose to look at the full activity sheet, where you will find any document links available at the activity level.”