App offers a comprehensive guide to local and real-time parking restrictions

Springwise: “Finding a parking space in big cities can be a nightmare, which recently prompted on-demand valet service Caarbon to do the job for drivers. But even when a space is discovered, it’s easy to fall foul of rules and regulations that aren’t clearly marked or are just plain confusing. AppyParking is an app that details paid and non-paid parking spaces in real time, as well as factors such as congestion charges and special restrictions.
The main interface of the app is a map of the local area. Users first select the type of parking space they’re looking for, whether it’s a paid meter bay, car park, disabled parking space or even a vacant resident’s driveway through a partnership with ParkatmyHouse. AppyParking shows the nearest locations, along with details about any rules in place. A green thumbs up means it’s free to park at the current time, but a red thumbs down means that there’s a charge or the space has resident priority at the time, suggesting the driver may want to look elsewhere. The app features up-to-date information on parking restrictions for each individual space, including changes on public holidays. It also alerts users if large events such as soccer games are scheduled to take place that might affect their ability to park.
Watch the video to learn more about the app.