Big data: big power shifts?

Special issue of Internet Policy Review: “Facing general conceptions of the power effects of big data, this thematic edition is interested in studies that scrutinise big data and power in concrete fields of application. It brings together scholars from different disciplines who analyse the fields agriculture, education, border control and consumer policy. As will be made explicit in the following, each of the articles tells us something about firstly, what big data is and how it relates to power. They secondly also shed light on how we should shape “the big data society” and what research questions need to be answered to be able to do so….

The ethics of big data in big agriculture
Isabelle M. Carbonell, University of California, Santa Cruz

Regulating “big data education” in Europe: lessons learned from the US
Yoni Har Carmel, University of Haifa

The borders, they are a-changin’! The emergence of socio-digital borders in the EU
Magdalena König, Maastricht University

Beyond consent: improving data protection through consumer protection law
Michiel Rhoen, Leiden University…