Big Data, Big Questions

Special Issue by the International Journal of Communication on Big Data, Big Questions:

Critiquing Big Data: Politics, Ethics, Epistemology | Special Section Introduction PDF
Kate Crawford, Mary L. Gray, Kate Miltner 10 pgs.
The Big Data Divide ABSTRACT PDF
Mark Andrejevic 17 pgs.
Metaphors of Big Data ABSTRACT PDF
Cornelius Puschmann, Jean Burgess 20 pgs.
Advertising, Big Data and the Clearance of the Public Realm: Marketers’ New Approaches to the Content Subsidy ABSTRACT PDF
Nick Couldry, Joseph Turow 17 pgs.
A Dozen Ways to Get Lost in Translation: Inherent Challenges in Large Scale Data Sets ABSTRACT PDF
Lawrence Busch 18 pgs.
Working Within a Black Box: Transparency in the Collection and Production of Big Twitter Data ABSTRACT PDF
Kevin Driscoll, Shawn Walker 20 pgs.
Living on Fumes: Digital Footprints, Data Fumes, and the Limitations of Spatial Big Data ABSTRACT PDF
Jim Thatcher 19 pgs.
This One Does Not Go Up To 11: The Quantified Self Movement as an Alternative Big Data Practice ABSTRACT PDF
Dawn Nafus, Jamie Sherman 11 pgs.
The Theory/Data Thing ABSTRACT PDF
Geoffrey C. Bowker 5 pgs.