Big Data Visualization: Review of 20 Tools

Edoardo L’Astorina at BluFrame: “Big Data is amazing. It describes our everyday behavior, keeps track of the places we go, stores what we like to do and how much time we spend doing our favorite activities.

Big Data is made of numbers, and I think we all agree when we say: Numbers are difficult to look at. Enter Big Data visualization….Data visualization lets you interact with data. It goes beyond analysis. Visualization brings a presentation to life. It keeps your audience’s eyes on the screen. And gets people interested….

We made everything easy for you and prepared a series of reviews that cover all the features of the best data visualization tools out there. And we divided our reviews in two sections: data visualization tools for presentations and data visualization tools for developers.

Here are reviews of our 20 best tools for Big Data visualization.

Data Visualization Tools for Presentations: Zero Coding Required:…

Tableau.. is the big data visualization tool for corporate. Tableau lets you create charts, graphs, maps and many other graphics. A desktop app is available for visual analytics….

Infogram…lets you link their visualizations and infographics to real time big data…

ChartBlocks… is an easy-to-use online tool that requires no coding, and builds visualizations from spreadsheets, databases… and live feeds….

Datawrapper.. is aimed squarely at publishers and journalists…

Plotly…will help you create a sharp and slick chart in just a few minutes, starting from a simple spreadsheet….

RAW… boasts on its homepage to be “the missing link between spreadsheets and vector graphics”….… is a visual content service….

Data Visualization Tools for Developers: JavaScript libraries

D3.js…runs on JavaScript and uses HTML, CSS and SVG. D3.js is open-source and applies data-driven transformation to a webpage and – as you can see from their examples – allows for beautiful and fast visualizations….

Ember Charts is – as the name suggests – based on the Ember.js framework and uses D3.js under the hood….

NVD3…runs on top of D3.js –surprise surprise– and aims to build re-usable charts and components….

Google Charts… runs on HTML5 and SVG and aims at Android, iOS and total cross-browser compatibility, including older Internet Explorer versions supported via VML

FusionCharts is – according to their site – the most comprehensive JavaScript charting library, and includes over 90 charts and 900 maps….

Highcharts…is a JavaScript API that integrates easily with jQuery and boasts being used by 61 out of the world’s 100 largest companies….

Chart.js…For a small chart project, Chart.js is your go-to place….

Leaflet… leveragesOpenStreetMap data and adds HTML5/CSS3 visualizations and interactivity on top to ensure everything is responsive and mobile ready….

Chartist.js.. is born out of a community effort to blow all other JavaScript charting libraries out of the water…

n3-charts…is for the AngularJS lovers out there….

Sigma JS…is what you want for interactivity….

Polymaps…visualizes…. you guessed it: maps….

Processing.js …is a JavaScript library that sits on top of the Processing visual programming language…(More)