Can I Trust the Data I See? A Physician’s Concern on Medical Data in IoT Health Architectures

Conference Paper by Fariha Tasmin Jaigirdar, Carsten Rudolph, and Chris Bain: “With the increasing advancement of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled systems, smart medical devices open numerous opportunities for the healthcare sector. The success of using such devices in the healthcare industry depends strongly on secured and reliable medical data transmission. Physicians diagnose that data and prescribe medicines and/or give guidelines/instructions/treatment plans for the patients. Therefore, a physician is always concerned about the medical data trustworthiness, because if it is not guaranteed, a savior can become an involuntary foe! This paper analyses two different scenarios to understand the real-life consequences in IoT-based healthcare (IoT-Health) application. Appropriate sequence diagrams for both scenarios show data movement as a basis for determining necessary security requirements in each layer of IoT-Health.

We analyse the individual entities of the overall system and develop a system-wide view of trust in IoT-Health. The security analysis pinpoints the research gap in end-to-end trust and indicates the necessity to treat the whole IoT-Health system as an integrated entity. This study highlights the importance of integrated cross-layer security solutions that can deal with the heterogeneous security architectures of IoT healthcare system and finally identifies a possible solution for the open question raised in the security analysis with appropriate future research directions….(More)”.