Data-Driven Policy Making: The Policy Lab Approach

Paper by Anne Fleur van Veenstra and Bas Kotterink: “Societal challenges such as migration, poverty, and climate change can be considered ‘wicked problems’ for which no optimal solution exists. To address such problems, public administrations increasingly aim for datadriven policy making. Data-driven policy making aims to make optimal use of sensor data, and collaborate with citizens to co-create policy. However, few public administrations have realized this so far. Therefore, in this paper an approach for data-driven policy making is developed that can be used in the setting of a Policy Lab. A Policy Lab is an experimental environment in which stakeholders collaborate to develop and test policy. Based on literature, we first identify innovations in data-driven policy making. Subsequently, we map these innovations to the stages of the policy cycle. We found that most innovations are concerned with using new data sources in traditional statistics and that methodologies capturing the benefits of data-driven policy making are still under development. Further research should focus on policy experimentation while developing new methodologies for data-driven policy making at the same time….(More)”.