Data Sharing Vital in Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Digit: “The Data Lab is teaming up with UNICEF in a bid to encourage data sharing in public and private organisations to help solve pressing public problems. The first collaborative project aims to tackle the issue of childhood obesity in Scotland, with between 29% and 33% of children aged 2-15 at risk of serious obesity-related health complications.

According to UNICEF, solving some of the most complex problems affecting children around the world will require access to different data sets and expertise from diverse sectors. The rapid rise in the availability of quality data offers a wealth of information to address complex problems affecting children. The charity has identified an opportunity to tap into this potential through collaborative working, prompting the development of in partnership with The Governance Lab at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and the Omidyar Network.  The aim for DataCollaboratives is to encourage organisations from different sectors, including private companies, research institutions, government agencies and others, to exchange and share data to help solve public problems.

The initiative is now being promoted in Scotland through UNICEF’s partnership with The Data Lab, who will work together to deliver a Data Collaboratives hub in Scotland where data scientists and strategists will work on some of the most important issues facing children around the world. Finding solutions to these problems has the potential to transform the lives of some of the most disadvantaged children in Scotland, the UK, and around the globe….(More)”.