Designing a Data Sharing Tool Kit

Paper by Ilka Jussen, Julia Christina Schweihoff, Maleen Stachon and Frederik Möller: “Sharing data is essential to the success of modern data-driven business models. They play a crucial role for companies in creating new and better services and optimizing existing processes. While the interest in data sharing is growing, companies face an array of challenges preventing them from fully exploiting data sharing opportunities. Mitigating these risks and weighing them against their potential is a creative, interdisciplinary task in each company. The paper starts precisely at this point and proposes a Tool Kit with three Visual Inquiry Tool (VIT) to work on finding data sharing potential conjointly. We do this using a design-oriented research approach and contribute to research and practice by providing three VITs that help different stakeholders or companies in an ecosystem to visualize and design their data-sharing activities…(More)”.